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Bowen Technique
Unlike some hands-on healing, the Bowen technique doesn’t rely on bone-crunching moves or uncomfortable positions to achieve results. Developed in Australia, it uses gentle moves and rest periods to help the body heal itself.  Embody Guide to Bowen Technique .

Holistic, Therapeutic and Sports Massage
One of the oldest forms of healing, the manipulation of soft tissue has many health benefits.  Embody Guide to Massage .

Hypnosis, Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis is a very powerful but entirely safe and natural state, very similar to meditation, where the conscious mind and its limiting scope is put to one side Embody Guide to Hypnotherapy .

Herbal Remedies
product list information This link will take you to the Herbal Remedies price list.

Natural Choices
product list information This link will take you to the Natural Choices price list.

Speed Clinic
Speed Clinic information Go here for the times and venues of this popular Speed Clinic.

Pure Speed for Athletics
Athletic Speed Clinic The times and venues for Athletic Speed Clinics.
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