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Latina Aerobica class
Learn all the Latin Dances  

NO Partner Required.

A Fun Filled Aerobic Workout

Participants not only get a great workout but also learn Latin dance steps which can be used when out on the town at Salsa clubs or the like. 

On the social level, dancing helps to develop confidence, gives a lot of pleasure and enjoyment and helps you to keep fit mentally and physically

Herbal Remedies
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Natural Choices
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Speed Clinic
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Pure Speed for Athletics
Athletic Speed Clinic The times and venues for Athletic Speed Clinics.
At InRhythm we offer the syllabus as laid down by the National Association of Teachers of Dance which is laid down in the I.S.T.D Ballroom and Latin American books.

Through the National, InRhythm offers medal tests in the Latin american branch commencing with Rainbow Awards which are designed for children between ages 3 to 8 years, progressing to Bronze medals through to National Awards for Juveniles, Juniors and Adults
An extensive range of tests are available in all age groups - Under 8's, Juvenile, Juniors and Adults. Introductory grades are tailored especially for the more enthusiastic social dancer.

Competitive Dancing
Those who may be interested in competition dancing, sometimes known as Dancesport could have no better foundation for success than to progress from a social award to Bronze, Silver, Gold and higher.

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